Saturday, September 18, 2004

Intro to my blog. I will be posting about whatever catches my interest in politics and culture here in Seattle and around the world. Washington is a weird state politically, and I have a weird perspective on politics. I do have to say, one of my basic personal principles is that anyone who defines themselves politically or personally as a part of a group is an ignoramus. I am liberal on some things, conservative on others, and indifferent to many things that seem to be important to a lot of the public.

I grew up in the "liberal" west of Washington and lived in the "conservative" east of the state for 7 years, ages 20-27. I try to read a piece of everything before I form an opinion, but like a lot of us, I will probably get drunk and post some ill-conceived bullshit sometimes, or even sober, say some other bullshit. I will try to correct myself when I do.

Regardless, I like debate, and I love people who can change my mind, or at least make me question and examine what think or believe.



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