Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Gay Marriage!

A newly formed group, Allies for Marriage and Children is trying to change the state constitution to ban gay marriage. Frankly, government should get out of the marriage biz entirely, but since that is not going to happen, why don't these groups start by addressing the existing problems in straight marriage first?

The idea of "the sanctity of marriage" is a joke anyway. Between no-fault divorces, 50-70% infidelity in marriages, and being able to get married in Las Vegas while drunk, how "sacred" is marriage in the first place? Allowing a small minority of the population to join the marriage party is not going to influence the institution one way or another. Those who believe in "traditional" marriage will not be affected. The anti-gay marriage groups are simply trying to legislate their beliefs that homosexuality is a sin. Whether it is or not, legislation should not have a dog in this fight at all.

And, no, gay marriage will not result in an outbreak of incest and beastiality.


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