Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fox (Faux) News

Although there has been plenty written about the joke that is Fox News, I think the only thing you need to look at is who they hire as their "experts".

Military Expert- Oliver North, a disgusting liar who dealt and worked with terrorists. Now hosts "War Stories" on Fox, and is a frequent "expert" on their various shows. Here's a nice breakdown by David Hackworth-

Political Analyst- Dick Morris, a man fired for being too sleazy for Clinton, for Christ's sake. The man is so low he had to talk on the phone to the president in the presence of a prostitute! How sad do you have to be to feel you have to impress a woman you are paying to spend time with you? Yet the network that the "family values" crowd watch for their news regularly has Dick on to "analyze" politics, usually trashing the Democrats (you know, the party that gave him a job). Great guy.

Law Enforcement Expert- Mark Furman, a closet racist who pretty much single-handedly blew the O.J. Simpson case.

embedded Reporter/War Analyst- Geraldo Rivera, pretty much a journalistic joke for the last 15 or so years anyway, was such a jackass, he gave away a unit's position on television! And Fox did not fire him! The military removed his embedded credentials, but he continued to report for Fox.

So given Fox's judgment in who they hire, why would anyone take anything they said with more than a grain of salt?

ADDENDUM, 9/29/04: A new Fox News Poll on their website today asks "Do you believe that Saddam Hussein was part of 9/11 attacks on U.S.?" Yes- 54%, No- 38%, I did but no longer think that- 2%, None of the above- 6%

How dumb are Fox New viewers?!?!? The belief in a link between Saddam and 9/11 is a running joke on just about every other news station or writing, excluding the neocon crew of course. I also got a kick out of this story comparing the educational level and economic level of The O'Reilly Factor and The Daily Show viewers, done after O'Really(?) dismissed Stewart's audience as "stoned slackers"-


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