Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Football whining

I'm just pissed after last night's Monday Night Football game- the Rams played against the Eagles, but with a playoff first-round-bye, and homefield advantage clinched, the Eagles had nothing to play for and held most of their starters off the field. Don't they know my Seahawks needed them to beat the Rams for us to clinch the division? Selfish bastards.

Meanwhile, I heard on ESPN's pregame show that the Falcons, who are basically in the same boat as the Eagles, are planning to start Michael Vick against the 'Hawks next Sunday. So the Rams get to play 2nd-stringers in their must-win game, but the Seahawks are going to have to face the best athlete in the NFL for our possible division-clinching game. That just sucks....

The only upside is that the Rams have to play a Jets team who is fighting for their playoff lives in the AFC next week, so maybe the Seahawks will have the division wrapped up before their game even start. Then it's the playoffs baby!


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