Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Just a few thoughts-


Being a huge hockey fan, this just kills me. Just as hockey was becoming more popular, and making inroads in the south with Tampa winning Lord Stanley's Cup, the CBA expired, and the NHLPA and owners have refused to come to a new agreement, costing us fans a season. Now, I usually side with players in labor disputes in professional sports; they're the ones who put their bodies on the line, they're the ones who bring in the fans and revenue, they should get the dough. But in this case, they players need to realize the reality- NHL teams are losing money, and cancelling a season only hurts the popularity of the sport. Hockey is already the least popular of the 4 major sports in the U.S.A. When the NHL is as popular and profitable as the NBA, then the players can have some bargaining power, but right now, they should suck it up, take the owners proposal, and keep the sport itself growing.


They've given me fit this season, but they are in good position to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, with no run defense or pass rush, I think we'll have an early exit from the playoffs, but oh well. But here is a optimistically delusional scenario, courtesy of my Dad-
Philly finishes 15-1 BYE in 1st round
SEAHAWKS win out and finish 10-6 - win the division BYE in 1st round
ATL loses out against CARL/SEA/NO and wins division at 10-6 (Hawks have tie breaker)
MINN wins out against DET/G.B./WA and wins division at 10-6 (Hawks have tie breaker)
G.B. finishes 9-5 JAX-W/MINN-L/CHI-W - Wild Card
CARL wins out and finish 8-8 (ATL/TB/NO) - Wild Card
NFC 1st round CARL @ MINN? MINN wins
G.B. @ ATL ? G.B. wins
NFC 2ND roundG.B. @ Philly G.B wins (Philly is ready for a fall)
MINN @ SEA SEA wins (Hawks are finally hungry)
Championship GameG.B. @ SEA Hawks in the Superbowl as Holmgren delivers

Never say die!


They are playing really fun ball. Friday's game against Phoenix should be great. They are playing like a unit, playing good defense and making their shots. They seem to be having fun together, and assuming they stay healthy, could be the team to beat in the West. We'll see if they're still rolling in February, but for now, I'm enjoying the ride.


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