Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More "zero tolerance" nonsense

Zero tolerance has been taken to retarded ends since it started, and here is just the latest example- An 8-year-old was caught and suspended for bringing what appeared to be jello shots to school. The mother is a bartender who makes jello shots at home to sell at the bar, and gave her daughter the jello to sell at school. They don't know if there was alcohol in them or not, but the zero tolerance policy includes a "lookalike" rule-

"The girl was suspended for violating school rules against possessing or trying to distribute a "lookalike," or something that appears to contain drugs or alcohol.
Under the lookalike rule, the girl's suspension will stand no matter what the sheriff's department finds.
"The school system's position is, it doesn't matter if it had alcohol in it or not," Nowakowski said."

So, this little girl can be suspended for bringing Jello to school. Ridiculous.

In addition, the school is requiring the girl to get a hair follicle test to check for drug use. I know there is a huge epidemic of 8-year-old crackheads out there, and we must get tough. But really, shouldn't there only be a punishment if the girl did, in fact, bring alcohol to school?


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