Tuesday, November 09, 2004

States rights? Conservatives? I think not...

So, Bush and Ashcroft are appealing Oregon's "Death With Dignity Act". Now, anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Republicans and conservatives supposed to be the big defenders of states rights? That's how they always campaign, yet somehow when elected, the principle changes to "the states should decide for themselves... unless they disagree with our positions".

For example, several states have passed measures legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. Bush and Ashcroft's reaction has been to raid smoke houses, arrest cancer and AIDS patients and trample all over the laws that the states voters passed. Now, Ashcroft is appealing assisted suicide. But the best part is the grounds they are appealing on-

"At issue for the court now would be the bounds of a federal law declaring what drugs doctors may prescribe. Traditionally states, not the federal government, regulate medical practices."

So not only are they trampling on states rights, they are doing so on a technicality! It's the drugs they are worried about! How is this hypocrisy reconciled by the right? I would really like to know, but I am suspicious it would come down to "moral values", ie: life is good, and drugs are bad, mmmmmkay?

Of course, shouldn't that be up to the states to decide, my two-faced, hypocritical, arrogant Republican friends?


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