Monday, January 24, 2005

I want a political license plate!

Actually, I don't. But I do think in this case if you're going to offer plates with one side of an issue, you have to offer the other side the same option. Otherwise, it's state-endorsed promotion of an agenda, which is clearly un-Constitutional. And I'm pretty sure the pro-lifers would go apeshit if you could buy license plates that said "Choose Aboriton" and the revenue of sales went to abortion clinics.

I've never understood the need to declare your religion/politics/musical tastes/etc. on the back of your car anyway. Especially controversial views. Do these people think anyone really cares that the person driving in front of you is pro-choice? That someone might be sitting in rush hour traffic behind your Darwin "fish" and think, "Gee, maybe I won't believe in Creationism anymore..."? I think the best bumper sticker I ever saw was the one that said "In case of the Rapture, this vehicle will be unoccupied". That person is awfully sure of their place in heaven! But it was nice of her to give warning I suppose....

I also think their should be a law that you can only have a personalized plate if it is 1) obvious what you're attempting to spell, and 2) that it makes sense. I hate trying to figure out the bizarre spelling of some plate, deciphering it, then having no idea what they mean. Just a pet peeve...


Blogger Straight Up with Sherri said...


sorry... I am such a smart aleck at times. (ducking)

5:57 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

lol Sherri, nice.

9:14 AM  

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