Friday, January 14, 2005

The Left's racism

The above link is from Michelle Malkin, a sample of the hate mail she receives. While I'm no fan of Malkin's, this kind of crap from the left really pisses me off. The thinking that all minorities should be liberal is plainly racist. The underlying thought behind that idea is that all people in a group think the same way. But would anyone ever suggest that a middle class, middle aged white Christian was a "sell-out" if they are liberal instead of Republican? Of course not, but that is the message of some people on the left toward minority conservatives.

Personally, I think a growing population of minority conservatives in our country is a sign of good things. It means that some minorities are moving towards the more admirable tenets of conservative thinking, namely self-reliance. When some people get to a point in society where they see the dogma of the left in regards to race as outdated, isn't that a good thing? Why should minority conservatives be castigated, just because they are conservatives and minorities at the same time? Certainly debate their ideas, but once you bring race into the argument as a factor, you're only revealing your own racism.


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