Friday, January 21, 2005

So wrong...

This verdict is wrong on soooo many levels. The parents of a girl paralyzed by a drunk driver successfully have sued the driver and the vendor for the stadium to the tune of $135 million. $75 million of that is the responsibility of the vendor to pay.

This is just wrong. The person who should be held responsible is the driver. Period. Anyone who has been to a pro sports game knows there is no way to control the drinking of fans. First of all, fans can drink before they even enter the stadium, giving them a head start on getting drunk. Secondly, there are multiple stands at a stadium. If one vendor tells me I appear too intoxicated to have another beer, I can try my luck at another stand. I can also go to a different stand each time I get a beer, so the server doesn't have any idea how many beers I had. Or, I can send my buddy to grab the beers. Or, stock up early and get lots of beers before the game. I went to the Seahawks/Cowboys Monday Night Football game this season, and because it was Monday, beer sales stopped at the end of halftime instead of the end of the third quarter. I still got pretty buzzed by drinking before the game, buying 2 beers before the game, 2 at the end of the first quarter, and 2 at halftime. I had a nice supply for the second half. Then, after the game, I TOOK A BUS HOME!!!

My point being, there isn't a lot the vendors can do to curb drunkenness at a game. And to hold a vendor responsible for the actions of a customer after they have left the establishment is simply asinine. I can also just imagine what kind of precedent this will set. Alcohol- The New Tobacco. Just think of all the things we can sue big alcohol for. Politicians can make political hay of this and big bucks for lawyers.



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