Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What's good for the goose.....

So here in Washington state, there has been a razor-thin margin in the governor's race. Republican Dino Rossi won at first count by 261 votes, later changed to 42 after a mandatory machine recount. Now, Democrat Christine Gregoire has won after a hand recount by 129 votes. And the Republicans are now crying foul and considering challenging the whole election.

These are the same Republicans who were calling for Democrats to just accept the election results a few weeks ago, when their guy had appeared to have won. You know, "move on, you're damaging the process, you're sore losers, you're trying to manipulate the election, etc." Now that the tables have turned, it's apparently in the interests of democracy and justice that we have more recounts, or toss out the entire election.

Not that it's any surprise. The Republican Party is the party of hypocrisy.


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