Monday, January 10, 2005

Sports blogging

What a disappointing season. What a disappointing end. Once again, the Hawks couldn't get it done in the clutch. And to lose again to the Rams.... It's going to take a lot of booze to get over this season.

It's one thing when you know going into a season that your team kind of sucks. You're ready for it. You root for them anyways, but you kind of see the wins as a bonus, and you take losses with a grain of salt. But when your team is expected to be really good, when national sportswriters are picking your team to go to the Super Bowl, when you start 3-0, well, then it's really painful to watch your team fall apart. I've been going to Seahawks games for over 20 years. I can probably count on one hand the home games I've missed in the last 10 years. And it would be so nice to not finish a season saying "wait 'till next year, we have a really good core".

All the teams I was rooting for on Wild Card Weekend lost. Next weekend should be fun though.

But there is no NHL to take the edge off.

So..... Go Sonics!!


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