Thursday, September 23, 2004

One for the good guys

The Florida Supreme Court struck down "Terri's Law", the one that forced a woman who had been in a vegetative state for 14 years to continue to live. The short version is, Terri Schiavo had suffered brain damage and had been a vegetable for 12 years, unable to eat or drink without a feeding tube, or communicate with her family. Her husband wanted to let her die which was, according to him, her wishes, but there is no written will. Her parents got an injunction, got pro-lifer Jeb Bush involved, and the legislator passed "Terri's Law" to have the feeding tube replaced.

My question for the "right to life" crowd is this: Why is life, in and of itself, regardless of quality, something you think is so important? I can't think of a worse hell than my entire life being in a hospital bed unable to think, enjoy life or food and draining my family's resources, and when those run out, the state's. I feel bad for her parents, but they still think Terri will recover with more therapy! It's been 14 years! I just don't comprehend the idea that ANY life, no matter the quality is something worth holding on to at all costs.

The moral is, have a living will.


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