Friday, October 29, 2004

Exploit your child for Jeebus!

The above story is about a mother suing a school district for not allowing her 4th grade daughter distribute a religious flier at school. My favorite part-

"The flier, about the size of a greeting card, starts out: "Hi! My name is Michaela and I would like to tell you about my life and how Jesus Christ gave me a new one." The flier mentions five ways in which Jesus had come into her life."

Ok, the kid is in 4th grade, so about what, 9 years old? Good thing she found Christ after her years as a sinner! Now this mother is going to cost the school district money to defend itself against not allowing religious material to be distributed. Let's ignore for a moment that these are children, not really capable of understanding faith. There is a reason most religions have an age threshold for really joining a church (bar mitzvah, confirmation, etc.). Does anybody really think this mother would be ok with say, a Wiccan kid distributing fliers about the Earth Goddess? I'm sure she would be calling the school outraged that her daughter was being exposed to evil pagans.

I also like the comparison the mother gives-

"The lawsuit noted that Michaela has received literature from other students at school, including literature concerning a YMCA basketball camp, Syracuse Children's Theater promotion of the show "Dragon Slayers" and the Camp Fire USA's summer camps."

Yes, and none of those groups or literature is religious in nature! See the difference you zealot?!?


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