Wednesday, October 20, 2004

NY Yankees fans are spoiled little girls

Last night's behavior by the NYY fans was pathetic. A-Rod cheated by slapping the ball out of Arroyo's glove in the 8th. The original call was Jetter scores from 1st, A-rod safe at 2nd. The umps huddled and made the proper call that A-Rod is a cheating bitch (disclaimer: I'm from Seattle and hate A-Rod almost as much as I hate the Yankees). A-Rod out, Jetter back to first, no score. The fans reacted to a proper call by throwing things on the field, interrupting the game. Later, they repeated this behavior and the umps called out the riot police. What great fans.

Listen up New York- you are not owed the MLB title. In fact, you're spoiled little girls, whose owner tries to buy a championship every year. There is a reason the rest of the nation hates your team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a shirt that Boston fans wear that says
A-Rod is an A-Hole. They were wearing that shirt before Tuesday night, but it looks like he lived up to the saying. After the Red Sox won on Wednesday they streamed out into the streets, unfortunatley there were a small number of punk college kids (there are at least 5 different colleges within a five mile radius of Fenway Park) who took advantage of the situation and decided to act like drunken frat boys. Real Red Sox fans were not destroying property, but simply celebrating an incredible win and series. Hopefully during the World Series those few that acted stupidly will not come out to the streets. GO RED SOX! REVERSE THE CURSE!


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