Thursday, October 14, 2004

Liberal or Flip-flopper

Ok, maybe I'm too picky, but is John Kerry "the most liberal senator in the House" or is he a "flip-flopper"? It seems to me that if he is the most liberal, he must be consistent in his record. If he's a flip-flopper, then he would have to have voted conservatively a least sometimes. So Mr. President, which is it? Most liberal or flip-flopper? Which do you think is less appealing to the American voter?


Are you flip-flopping?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The fact is Kerry is not the most "liberal" Senetor, but even if he was, what about Bush's record? I think four years as the worst president this country has had in all of our life times is a record to be talking about. Keep up the good work. Go Seahwaks (and the Red Sox).


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