Wednesday, October 06, 2004

That wacky MPAA!

Ok, this story is funny on it's face- Matt and Trey had to cut out footage of puppets having sex to get an R rating, rather than the box-office poison NC-17.

However, it is a symptom of a larger problem. The "family values" and decency warriors are constantly trying to use government to coerce private companies and performers to censor themselves. Most notably, the Parents Television Council (, is constantly trying to get the FCC to be tougher on broadcasters and performers. It annoys me, but I see their point that it would be nice for parents to have some time on the public airwaves for family friendly entertainment.

However, groups like these are also trying to get lawmakers to grant the FCC jurisdiction over cable TV, and politicians can make a splash "protecting the children" against the indecency of our culture. Cable TV is a service you choose to pay for and bring into your home. Also, most TVs have the V-chip and digital cable has parental controls. But these family groups much prefer to legislate their morality, rather than take responsibility for raising their own children. I'll follow this up later with a post on why the FCC should not even legally exist.


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