Monday, November 08, 2004

Not to be an insensitive asshole but....

How come 9/11 victims families receive so much money? I realize it was a unique tragic event, but the victims of say, the Oklahoma City bombing didn't receive this kind of cash (on average $3.1 million per/victim). The money is billions of dollars from government and insurance companies. This is not "free" money, it comes from somewhere, taxes or premiums. I just don't see how the poor survivors of 9/11 are entitled to any more money than the victim of a car jacker. Both people were robbed of their lives by a violent asshole(s); why is the person who was in the towers life worth more?

Will we pay the victims of the next attack this kind of cash when (if) it happens? Will we all pay more in insurance because of what it costs the insurance companies to prepare and save for these kinds of events? Can the survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing come back and ask for more dough from the government? Just something to think about.....


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