Thursday, January 27, 2005

King Prig misses the point.... again

The Parents Television Council head honcho L. Brent Bozell, III has a new column upset that reporters don't give graphic enough descriptions of what is being complained about by his group to the FCC. He uses that, and the fact that newspapers refused to run ads like this in their paper as proof that the reporters know this stuff is indecent, and defend it anyway. He then calls this censorship.

"If the media are going to cover the decency debate, they need to do a better job of explaining exactly what the FCC is deciding. They should not have it both ways, implicitly or explicitly displaying their disdain for "censorship," and then censoring out the most controversial parts of televised raunch. Instead of being offered fair and thorough journalism, the American people have been cheated out of a complete understanding of the "censorship" controversy."

Hey moron, private publishers can choose what they want to publish or not publish. What your group wants is to have a government agency enforce restrictions on speech. That is censorship, the other is free market choice.


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