Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Damn right!

Radley Balko's post for the Super Bowl here makes the point that Boston fan are NOT long-suffering, and should quit whining. Pertinent quote-

"Even before the Red Sox won the World Series, Boston had two Super Bowl victories. And before that, two Super Bowl appearances. Even brushing those aside, Boston had the little matter of sixteen NBA titles. Where in the world does the suffering come from? Because the Red Sox couldn't beat the Yankees?"

He goes on to propose that you can only be considered "long-suffering" with no titles in 30 years and no respect from the national media. Can you say Seattle boys and girls? I knew that you could. One title ever for our pro sports (and no, the WNBA title from last year does NOT count). And as well as the Sonics are doing, how often do you hear more than a score update about them?


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