Friday, May 19, 2006

NHL Conference Finals!!

The conference finals are here! As we learned in the last 2 rounds, anything can happen, and I don't know shit. The Sharks/Oilers series was great fun to watch, and we have 2 mirror-matches to decide who gets a shot at the Cup.

Ducks vs. Oilers- both teams are getting great goaltending, both play similar styles of hockey, both were underdogs to start the playoffs (6th & 8th seeds respectively). Will the time off get the Ducks off to a slow start, or will the rest have them fresher than the Oilers coming of a bruising series with the Sharks? This series should be a physical battle from start to finish, but I'm picking the Oilers in 7. Roloson makes the difference, Pronger and Smythe are playing great, and it looks like Peca is heating up

Sabres vs. Hurricanes- another pair of teams whose style mirror each other with fast, skilled skating and solid goaltending. I haven't watched many Hurricane's games (screw Southern hockey), but what I have seen has been impressive. However, watching the Sabres beat the Senators, I have to say I'm impressed. Sabres in 6.


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"Sharks Tank."

Have fun! (San Jose is done with hockey now!)

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