Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Letter to the PTC

You anti-American people disgust me. The only thing worse than nannies like you are the spineless politicians who kowtow to your kind. This legislation only gives the government more regulation on people’s freedoms. Your whole website is disingenuous, your tactics are dishonest, you obviously have no respect for the Constitution and you are morally bankrupt. All in the name of “the children”. The only thing that keeps me smiling when I read things like this is that technology will continue to stay ahead of you prudes. Let me reiterate- you disgust me.


Blogger Straight Up with Sherri said...


Have you considered joining the fight to save Terri Shiavo?

Please visit my blog to find out how we bloggers can really show the world what we can do.

We can do more than just expose media lies-- we can expose corruption within our legal system and help to save a life! What a legacy for bloggers!

The media, the courts, and the elected officials have ALL failed! WE CAN PREVAIL!!!



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