Friday, May 05, 2006

NHL Semifinals

As we found out last round, anything can happen in the NHL playoffs. The western conference teams that made the 2nd round are the 5-8 seeds, who all knocked off their "betters". The east went a little more as expected, but after a wild first round, I'm salivating for the Semis that begin tonight. My picks for round 2-


Anaheim vs Colorado- Both teams have solid goaltending, and Theodore from the Avs looked stronger as the series with Dallas went on. Both teams have some veteran stars on their teams. I think Colorado has the edge in a deeper bench, and they've had some time to rest after beating Dallas in 5. The Ducks just played a tough 7-game series and are playing game 1 after 1 day off. Avalanche in 6 games.

San Jose vs Edmonton- I really haven't watched much of the Sharks this year, and only caught 1 playoff game, but they have Big Joe Thorton and Patrick Marleau who are playing great, and like the Avs, they've had some time to rest. However, I'm picking Edmonton right now just based on Roloson's play. If he plays like he did against Detroit, San Jose is in trouble. Oilers in 7.


Ottawa vs Buffalo- I have no idea, both these teams play a fast-paced skill game, both have solid goaltending. Coin toss, but I take the Senators in 7.

New Jersey vs Carolina- Tough call as well. Marty Broudouer makes the difference, Devils in 6.


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