Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In-Game Rangers Blogging

Stay out of the fucking penalty box Rangers!!!!

It's the end of the 2nd period and the Rangers are down 3-0, after being tied through most of the 2nd. But they keep taking penalties! I think they've looked pretty good 5 on 5, but they've been on the penalty kill so much, they can't get any flow, and it's screwed up their line changes. Also, defenseman Rozsival is injured and gone for at least the rest of the game. The Sabres are a great team, and the Rangers have taken 5 penalties while the Sabres have only taken one. Hopefully, the Blueshirts can have a stellar 3rd period and come back in this game. If not, lets see some message-sending from Hollweg, Orr and Avery for game 2 on Friday.


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