Friday, January 12, 2007

Divisionsal Playoff picks

Well, I was 4-0 last week, but it's going to be tougher this week. 4 (hopefully) great games on followed by the season premier of 24. I will not leave my recliner this weekend except to refill my beer. On to the picks (home team in caps)

BALTIMORE over Indianapolis- I thought the Colts were lucky last week that the Chiefs couldn't adjust to their defense and couldn't capitalize on Colts mistakes. That won't happen with the Ravens. Manning sucks in January, looked off last week at home in a dome, and now has to go play outside against the (arguably) best defense in the league. Meanwhile, the Ravens offense has a strong running game and, unlike the Chiefs, a winner QB who will make them pay if they just stack 8 men in the box. I foresee another early exit for Payton "Cut-that-meat" Manning.

NEW ORLEANS over Philadelphia- Ok, I'm rooting for the Eagles, I've always liked them, but I don't see them beating a rested Saints team at home. They've gutted out some wins and Garcia has played way better than anyone could have expected, but they've also been taking a beating getting to this point. Meanwhile the Saints had the bye week, are playing at home and are a Cinderella story that most football fans will be rooting for. I have to pick the Saints.

Seattle over CHICAGO- Take this for what it's worth, I'm a die-hard Seahawks fan. HOWEVER, consider this- when these teams met last in a spanking by the Bears, the Seahawks were missing MVP Shaunn Alexander and Jerrammy Stevens who has been playing awesome the last few weeks. Also, Grossman was looking like a good quarterback at that point in the season. Now we have a Bears team that is 1)missing two big parts of their defense, Harris and Brown 2) a QB who has looked god-awful the last few weeks 3) a city with no confidence in said QB who will boo him as soon as he makes a bad pass of any kind and 4) has not played a game that means anything in a month. I'm not saying it will be easy, but if the Seahawks go in there and play a good game, they get the win. And I think they will be looking for revenge from the last game.

CHARGERS over New England- I'm a fan of the Pats and the Brady/Billichick team has a certain mystique in the playoffs, but the Chargers are just so good on both sides of the ball, I think their talent will be too much for the Pats. Unless they can confuse Rivers early and get some turnovers, LT will take over the game. I know Marty is like 5-12 in the playoffs and Billickick/Brady are 11-1, but the Pats have just lost too much talent this year, and the Chargers are solid on both sides of the ball.

Last week: 4-0


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