Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Another one for the good guys

The Patriot Act took another blow today, with a US District Court judge ruling that the FBI could not demand confidential records without cause. Yea!

One of my biggest problems with Patriot Act defenders is their argument that it hasn't been abused. Rush, Medved, O'Reilly and their ilk always say to critics to cite an example where the P.A has been used incorrectly or abused. That argument is a straw man that ignores the fact that a bad law is a bad law, regardless of whether it's used or not. And, no, there have not been abuses of the Patriot Act... yet. But the law is on the books, and down the road if Bush and his cronies decide that war protestors, or ANSWER, or some other leftist group is "affiliated" with terrorists, what is to stop them from using provisions in the PA? This is not even a "slippery slope" argument, I am simply contending that it does not matter if a bad law is used well or not, it is still a bad law.


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