Monday, September 27, 2004

Bush is never wrong

Well, Bush's refusal to ever acknowledge a mistake continues, as he says in a recent interview that he would "absolutely" have done the "Mission Accomplished" dress-up speech on the aircraft carrier again if he had the chance to go back. Money quote from the president-

"These kids had been on a very long cruise,.... They'd been on a cruise to both, in two theaters of war now, Afghanistan and Iraq. I flew out there, and said, 'Thanks. Thanks on behalf of a grateful nation.' You bet I'd do it again."

Of course, their cruise was made even longer by the fact that the carrier was so close to shore it actually had to turn back out to sea to accommodate the president's asinine flight out to the carrier. I'm sure the sailors would have been just as happy if Bush had waited to thank them once they were docked. What an ass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard, not only does Bush continue to believe he makes no mistakes, he will be lying again to the nation in the (so-called) debate on Thursday night. Be a truth canvasser -- help hold Bush accountable to the country. Expose him for the LIAR he is! There are hundreds of events across the country on Saturday, October 2. Find a local event today and invite your friends: --------- Also, "Going Upriver" opens around the country -- in Redmond at the Bella Bottega II and in Seattle at the Meridian Cinemas Unit 470 and at the 7 Gables.

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