Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fuck the NBA

Ok, first off, I like watching basketball. I like the athleticism, the teamwork and the fast action. That being said, I HATE the refs, and I really hate the amount of time outs teams get. I just watched Game 5 of the playoffs, and the 5 minutes of overtime play took a half an hour to get through in real time. Really, each team gets 3 time outs for a 5 minute period? What a fucking joke. How about you just play the goddamn game?

This is why I just can't consistently watch the NBA. Every time the game is getting exciting with end to end action, they get to stop the game. "Oh, my teams not playing well, stop the game!" It's crap, and annoying as hell. Add the time out bullshit to the fact that the refs (ALL of them) completely suck ass, can't call the right player for a foul, can't call the rules correctly (like traveling), just guess who the ball goes out of bounds on and change the rules for the stars, and you have a product that is almost unwatchable for someone who enjoys the sport. Fuck the NBA.

And that being said, go Heat! And as us Sonics fans used to yell- "GP ARE YA WITH ME?!?!"


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