Friday, June 30, 2006

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter are batshit crazy

I rarely actually watch Fox News, but I happened to come across Hannity & Colmes last night with Ann Coulter as a guest. I wish I could find a transcript, but trust me, these two are completely disconnected from reality. Coulter claimed that somehow the recent Supreme Court ruling about Gitmo detainees and putting some checks on presidential powers is a gross violation of the presidents wartime powers, and would lead to Congress insisting on consulting on troop movements. WTF? It amazes me to see the contorting these Bush ball-lickers go to to defend this administration's gross over-reaching of powers.

The question here in my mind, is that since Bush does not feel he is bound by the laws he signs from Congress (as witnessed by his insane amount of signing statements), will he feel bound to abide by a ruling from the Supreme Court? He obviously has no respect for the Constitution and our system of government and has repeatedly stated through these signing statements that ha can ignore one branch of government, so why not the other?


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