Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hockey Blogging

It's almost time for Hockey Night in Canada, although I'll actually be watching the Rangers on Center Ice for the first game. By the way, Center Ice is the coolest shit on the planet. $149 gets you almost every game. If I only watched all the Rangers games, that averages out to paying $1.82 per game. And I watch a lot more games than that. It's the best deal around, I can't recommend the purchase enough.

My Blueshirts haven't looked good in the last 2 games. In Tuesday's loss against the Flyers, they didn't play for shit in the first half of the game, and looked really sluggish the whole game.

On Thursday's loss against the Penguins, they looked ok on offense, but I don't think their defense is quite there yet. They are missing Ozolinsh and Kasparaitis, but beyond that, they have given up too many position goals where Lundqvist is not able to do anything to stop a shot. The defense needs to stop allowing opposing players to gain position for easy one-timers and redirection shots.

One more note before I watch the games- I like most of the new rules, but the NHL really needs to relax the hooking calls. There are just too many penalties being called when a player barely touches another with his stick. I agree that the league needed to crack down on hooking, but they should limit the calls to when there is an actual pulling motion by the offending player, or when the victim of the hooking has his progress impeded. Not whenever a stick comes up to the midsection. I know some people who like the rule say the players just need to learn to keep their sticks on the ice, but come on. This is hockey! It should be physical and players should have to fight a little for position. Just my opinion. Go Rangers!


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