Friday, September 29, 2006

NFL Picks Week 4

Not much to say, but the Madden curse struck again, Shaun Alexander has a broken foot. Fortunately, it looks like he won't be out too long. I'm not to worried about my 'Hawks though- last year we lost our #1 receiver Darrell Jackson, and went 10-0 in the games without him. The Seahawks are just too good to be derailed by one missing piece of their offense. On to the picks, home team in caps.

ATLANTA over Arizona- The Falcons will return to their rushing ways against a struggling Cardinals team

Dallas over TENNESSEE- Why do I get the feeling that after last week's "suicide" attempt by T.O., he'll play and have 100+ yards?

Indianapolis over NEW JERSEY JETS- Indianapolis struggled last week, but I think their high-powered offense will bounce back and be too much for the J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS!

Miami over HOUSTON- I'm not real confident in this pick, the Dolphins just look too shaky on both sides of the ball, and you have to assume the Texans will win at least a couple of games. But I still think the 'Fins are better

BUFFALO over Minnesota- The Bills have been in the games they've played, and the Vikings have won through some luck. Look to the Bills to have a big game at home

CAROLINA over New Orleans- The Saints are coming off an emotional win at home, and the Panthers have Steve Smith back. The Saints get their first loss

BALTIMORE over San Diego- This is the Charger's first real test this season, and I think the Ravens will throw everything that killer D has at Rivers and get him rattled early.

KANSAS CITY over San Francisco- The Chiefs are struggling, good thing they play at home against a team with no D.

ST. LOUIS over Detroit- Another low confidence pick, I can't really figure either of these teams out. They both look pretty good for stretches, then look god-awful. So I picked the team that's actually won a game.

Cleveland over OAKLAND- I swear to god, I think the Raiders might not win a single game this year, they are god-awful. It will be fun to watch Randy Moss go even crazier than he already is as the season goes on.

Jacksonville over WASHINGTON- The Jags are tough, and I just don't see the mediocre Redskins beating them, unless Brunell has a perfect game, and Leftwich falls apart.

CINCINNATI over New England- The Bengals are rolling right now, and the Pats are starting a free-fall. You can't lose that many good players and remain competitive in the NFL.

Seattle over CHICAGO- You saw what the Seahawks did to the Giants, right? Look, the Bears have a great D, but they also have played Green Bay, Detroit and Minnesota. Those teams are not even close to the same league as the Seahawks offense. Add that to the Bears having an average (at best) offense going against a very good, healthy Seahawks D and I don't see Da Bears winning.

PHILADELPHIA over Green Bay- Green Bay sucks and Philly is good. End of story for Monday.

Last week: 11-3
Season: 34-12


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