Friday, September 08, 2006

NFL Picks- Week 1

It's that time of year again, and man have I been jonesing! Pre-season just doesn't do it, it's like craving a Black Butte Porter and having to settle for a Miller High Life. Anyway, on to Week 1 picks (home team in caps).

Steelers v. Dolphins- Wow did Culpepper look bad in that game! Steelers D looked tough though, the Bengals are going to have a tough battle to win the AFC North

Atlanta over CAROLINA- The Panthers seem to be a favorite among the pundits to win the NFC title, and they'll beat Atlanta. Vick is an erratic quarterback (though fun to watch) and the Falcons have had shit for team chemistry before the season.

TAMPA BAY over Baltimore- At least the Ravens have a decent quarterback in McNaire (until he goes down for the season in Week 5). Both teams have good, though aging, defenses but the Bucs have the edge offensively.

NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo- Poor Bills. Quick, who's the QB? Brady will take them apart.

Cincinnati over KANSAS CITY- I'm not sure about this one, just because it's so hard to play at Arrowhead, but I think the Bengals are the better team, although their offseason trouble are a little worrisome. And I love watching Chad Johnson.

Denver over ST. LOUIS- Despite what Bill Simmons thinks, the Rams ain't that good, and Denver is a solid team. Hey Bill, there's a reason your bandwagon isn't crowded.

CLEVELAND over New Orleans- This was a coin-flip for me, 2 bad teams that improved themselves to possibly average in the offseason. So I went with the home team.

New Jersey Jets over TENNESSEE- I have no idea about this one either, both these teams look bad to me this year, but the Jets have had more recent success than the Titans.

Philadelphia over HOUSTON- The beginning of a long, painful season for the Texan fans who will all develop ulcers from obsessing that they didn't get Reggie Bush. Also, I'm picking the Eagles as my sleeper team, and they'll win the NFC East after the Dallas Parcels/T.O./Bledsoe shitstorm happens and the injury bug bites the Giants. Oh, and the Redskins are going 6-10.

Seattle over DETROIT- I know the Lions are supposed to be better, but come on, they're playing the NFC champs! Screw Peter King and Bill Simmons who both picked the Lions to win, both those guys freely admit they can't pick games!

Chicago over GREEN BAY- I'm already wincing thinking about that Bears D using Favre as a tackling dummy.

JACKSONVILLE over Dallas- Low scoring game, good defenses, I went with the home team. I've always hated the Cowboys, I've always hated Parcels, and I hope if nothing else, T.O. fucks up that team so bad, their recent playoff drought gets extended another 10 years.

ARIZONA over San Francisco- Battle of the Basement, but the Cardinals are better. It will be interesting to see James running behind the worst line in the NFL though.

Indianapolis over NEW JERSEY GIANTS- The Manning Bowl! Did you know they are brothers, and Archie Manning is their dad? Anyway, the Colts are the better team, and god I can't stand Eli. No way Peyton loses to his little brother on national TV.

WASHINGTON over Minnesota- The Vikings are a mess of a team, playing on the road. The patchwork team the Redskins have should be able to beat the the Vikings.

San Diego over OAKLAND- Wow the Raider looked bad last Thursday. My Seahawks had held them to 50 total yards by the half, and they were in danger of not breaking 100 in the game. LT will destroy them.

Go Seahawks! Step one on the path to the Super Bowl!


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