Friday, September 15, 2006

NFL Picks Week 2

Light blogging (as in none) this week, been super-busy at work, and the CEO was in town, so too much on my plate. Anyway, on to the picks (home team in caps). My internet went down this weekend, so I didn't get this posted before the games, but I swear, I did no editing after the games were played.

MIAMI over Buffalo- I thought the Dolphins played a decent game last week. Remember, they were winning against the Super Bowl champs on the road into the 4th quarter, until Culpepper fell apart at the end. No way they lose at home to the Bills.

MINNESOTA over Carolina- The Panthers are a little too banged up, Delhome can't find any receiver except Smith, and they're on the road. Meanwhile, the Viking looked decent last week (although they were playing the Redskins, who I just don't think are very good).

CINCINNATI over Cleveland- The Browns suck, and the Bengals don't. I hope Chad Johnson does some fun stuff for their home opener.

CHICAGO over Detroit- Final score- Bears 5, Lions 3

INDIANAPOLIS over Houston- No brainer, the Texans suck, Colts don't (until the playoffs).

New Orleans over GREEN BAY- Last week was horrible for the Pack, and the Saints have improved into an average team. I think it will probably be a race to the bottom between the Raiders and Packers.

PHILADELPHIA over Giants- I think the Eagles are playing this season with a chip on their shoulders, and they looked pretty slick last week (I know, it was against the Texans). I think they will see this as a statement game, playing a good team at home, and a chance to make division rival start 0-2.

BALTIMORE over Oakland- Raiders are going 1-15 this year, and the Ravens will be good as long as McNaire stays healthy.

ATLANTA over Tampa Bay- I thought Simms looked terrible last week, and Vick and Dunn are a great 1-2 punch

SEATTLE over Arizona- Come on, it's my NFC Champs Seahawks against the perennial basement dweller of the West

St. Louis over SAN FRANCISCO- The Niners are a little better this year, but I still think the Rams will win (assuming they remember how to score a touchdown)

DENVER over Kansas City- Denver at home against a Chiefs unit without Trent Green. Unless Larry Johnson has hell of a game, the Chiefs are in trouble

New England over NEW JERSEY JETS- Pennington looked good last week, but I think Tom Brady is on a mission this year

SAN DIEGO over Tennesee- The Titans suck, and Tomlison can damn near win games by himself. I'm looking forward to seeing the Chargers play the Ravens in two weeks though, see how they hold up against a good team.

DALLAS over Washington- I just don't think the Redskins are very good, and Portis is not going to play, the Cowboys D will roll on the Skins

Pittsburg over JACKSONVILLE- Don't bet against the Super Bowl champs, plus the Jags are banged up defensively

Last week: 11-5
Season: 11-5


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