Friday, September 22, 2006

NFL Picks Week 3

Another light blogging week, work has been super busy with month end. Anyway, right to the picks (home team in caps).

Carolina over TAMPA BAY- Big divisional battle with one of these teams going 0-3. The Bucs QB Simms has looked god-awful in the first two games, and it looks like the Panthers pro-bowl receiver Smith will be back. Poor Bucs, they looked so promising before the season started.

Chicago over MINNESOTA- The Vikings won a couple of wacky games, but the Bears are just rolling right now... until next week when my Seahawks will come to the windy city to deliver them their first loss.

PITTSBURG over Cincinnati- The Bengals got banged up last week, and I think Big Ben will bounce back from last week's loss. It will be a close game though.

DETRIOT over Green Bay- The Packers just look awful, and the Lions D plays pretty tough with the pass rush.

INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville- The Jags are coming off a big emotional win with a short week. I just don't see them holding the Colts offense down enough to win.

New Jersey Jets over BUFFALO- Just a hunch, although the Bills have played pretty tough the first two weeks.

MIAMI over Tennessee- The Titans just look bad right now, and if Culpepper plays decent and doesn't make any bad decisions, the Dolphins should win handily.

WASHINGTON over Houston- See above, but substitute the Texans for the Titans and Brunell for Culpepper. Plus, Cliton Portis is back in the line-up, so that should give the Redskins a boost.

BALTIMORE over Cleveland- The Ravens look really good right now, but they've also only played two teams with no wins, this game will be the third. Next weeks game against the Chargers should show us how good the Ravens really are.

SEATTLE over New Jersey Giants- The Giants are coming off an emotional come-from-behind OT win, and returning to the thundering noise of Qwest Field, where they fell apart last year. Look to the Seahawks to get new receiver Branch involved early too. I'll be there screaming with the rest of the fans, Eli won't be able to hear himself think!

Philadelphia over SAN FRANCISCO- While the Niners are better than last year and playing teams tough, I think the Eagles will bounce back from their collapse last week.

St. Louis over ARIZONA- Again, just a hunch, I think the Rams are a little better than the Cardinals.

Denver over NEW ENGLAND- The Pats barely won their first two games, and I think Denver is on an upswing. The Pats are going to regret letting so many of their veterans go.

Atlanta over NEW ORLEANS- While the sentimental favorite will be the Saints playing their first home game, I don't think they have the talent to beat the Falcons the way they're playing (unless they knock Vick out of the game, which will happen to him one of these games the way he's been running).

Last week: 12-4
Season: 23-9


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