Monday, October 04, 2004

Bush's favorite country is bailing on Iraq

So, Poland is probably going to withdraw it's mighty 2,500 troops from Iraq within a year. What a blow to the president's impressive international coalition!

Bush seemed really excited about Poland's part in the coalition during the debate, twice pointing out their contribution to Kerry (once incorrectly; Poland did not send troops until after we had taken Baghdad). During the debate, Bush accused Kerry of denigrating foreign troops for their contribution to the Iraq war, but didn't he sound a wee bit defensive? It's not denigrating an ally to point out the difference in their troop deployment versus ours. I just find it so pathetic that Bush really seems to think he built an impressive international coalition, when the numbers of troops and money is so wildly out of proportion.

I think my favorite contribution of the "coalition of the willing" was Madagascar offering trained monkeys to set off land mines.


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