Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bush/Cheney '04- We're never wrong (ignore reality)

Dick Cheney last night at the debate said in response to a question about Iraq-

"Concern about Iraq specifically focused on the fact that Saddam Hussein had been, for years, listed on the state sponsor of terror, that they he had established relationships with Abu Nidal, who operated out of Baghdad; he paid $25,000 to the families of suicide bombers; and he had an established relationship with al Qaeda....

"What we did in Iraq was exactly the right thing to do. If I had it to recommend all over again, I would recommend exactly the same course of action. The world is far safer today because Saddam Hussein is in jail, his government is no longer in power. And we did exactly the right thing." [emphasis mine]

Really, Dick? No tweaking of plans, maybe listening to the people who told you the WMD intelligence was weak? With 20/20 hind-site, you would not, I don't know, HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY?!? Maybe you might have wanted to listen to your generals, who told you your estimations of how many troops were needed to be successful in Iraq were completely inadequate. Perhaps listening to your own secretary of State's warnings about the mess you people were about to start would have been a good idea?

Really, you have to look no further than your former boss, and your current boss's daddy to have gotten some good advice on Iraq. Poppa Bush knew, if you conquer Iraq, your job has just begun, and there is no good way to get out.


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