Friday, June 30, 2006

Don't leave Thunderbirds!

Say it ain't so! I love hockey, and living in Seattle since we don't have an NHL team, the Thunderbirds are my outlet for live hockey. Right now they play in Key Arena which is perfect for me since I can hop the bus in front of my home and a 10-minute ride drops me off at the arena. It's always been a perfect evening for me to bus down, grab a bite and cocktail at the sports bar then watch some fun hockey while downing a few beers, and the bus takes me right back home.

Now they're considering moving to Kent? So, to see live hockey I'll now have to drive 25+ minutes each way and not have beers during the game. Somehow I think I'll be at way fewer games when the move happens. Very sad. Thank god for NHL Center Ice.


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