Monday, August 14, 2006

SuperBowl-bound Seahawks off to a weak start

Ok, so the Seahawks sucked it up in their pre-season opener, but I honestly am not too worried. Jackson and Stevens didn't play on offense, and defense was missing Tubbs and Winstrom. I thought the 1st unit played sloppy, and for all the expectations, I was really disappointed to see the way Senaca Wallace played. But, it's a pre-season game so I'm not too worried about the players. What does disturb me is Mike Holmgren's play calling. On Wallace's first series, they called 3 straight runs, resulting in a 3-and-out. Huh? Wallace's first series and you don't let him throw? Then, end of the half, 4 seconds on the clock, 4th down and they send out the field goal team. WTF?!? It's a pre-season game, you're losing and our kicker can barely make a 55-yard field goal even if the snap is good (which it wasn't). Why not try out one of your desperation/4th down plays and see how it works instead of trying a long field goal? What's the downside?

Anyway, it was great being in the stadium again, I just love the atmosphere. I took my father-in-law to his first NFL game and he had a blast. It was cool seeing the NFC championship banner raised as well. Here's to a repeat!


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