Thursday, November 02, 2006

Iraq vs. Kerry's Muffed Joke

Glenn Greenwald has an important post today about the military's report of the increasing chaos in Iraq being reported, the reaction of the Bush cultists, and the fact that this important report was largely ignored by the MSM. From the post-

Two weeks ago, Dick Cheney said (while visiting with Rush Limbaugh) that things in Iraq were going "remarkably well" -- the same thing we have been hearing for several years now from the administration and their most rabid and dishonest followers. Yesterday, The New York Times published a chart prepared by the United States Central Command which demonstrates precisely the opposite -- namely, that the situation in Iraq is steadily deteriorating, not improving, and is close to full-blown chaos (this report received little attention because the media was focused on the much more important matter of John Kerry's joke).

What's really depressing to me is the fact that the media plays right along with the right-wing noise machine. Bush, McCain, Rush, Hannity and friends willingly misconstrued the obvious intent of Kerry's botched joke, made a bunch of noise and statements about it and the MSM diligently reported it ad nauseum. Meanwhile, our military has a report that says Iraq is on the edge of chaos, and that gets very little play. We wouldn't want the voters to actually be informed about the Republicans failed war execution going into election day, would we?


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So true. Good post.

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