Friday, November 03, 2006

NFL Picks Week 9

I'm on a downward slope the last few weeks, but there have been quite a few surprising games. I'll try and pick it back up. On to the picks (home team in caps)

Atlanta over DETROIT-Vick is playing great, the Falcons are rolling, and while Kitna is a fantasy stud, the Lions just can't seem to win a game.

BALTIMORE over Cincinnati- The Ravens looked good last week with Billick making the calls, the defense is still great and they're at home. Ochco Cinco will have to have a huge game for the Bengals to pull this one out.

Dallas over WASHINGTON- Romo looked good in his first start, and the Redskins are struggling. Portis might run big, but the Redskins are in trouble.

Green Bay over BUFFALO- Favre is having fun playing, Green is back and the Bills suck.

NEW JERSEY GIANTS over Houston- The G-men are looking good, they fixed their defense and the Texans kind of suck.

Kansas City over ST. LOUIS- I just don't think the Rams are that good, and after watching what Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzales did to my Seahawks last week, I think the Rams are in trouble.

CHICAGO over Miami- Da Bears are rolling and the Dolphins suck.

New Orleans over TAMPA BAY- Although this might be a trap game for the Saints, the Bucs are a couple of fluky plays from being winless. The Saints should bounce back from last week's loss.

JACKSONVILLE over Tennessee- I think the Jags will win at home, although the Titans have been playing teams pretty tough, and we don't know what Gerrard will do at the helm of the Jags offense.

Minnesota over SAN FRANCISCO- Although the Vikings got spanked on Monday, they are playing the Niners.

SAN DIEGO over Cleveland- The Chargers roll at home, and the Browns suck. LT will have his way with the Browns.

PITTSBURGH over Denver- I'm not real confident in this pick the way Big Ben has been playing, but I just thing the Steelers will win this must-win game at home.

NEW ENGLAND over Indianapolis- I take the Pats until the Colts show they can beat them. Plus, the Colts can't stop my mom from running the ball. Dillon will have a huge game, and if he doesn't, it will be because Brady took the Colts apart.

SEATTLE over Oakland- MNF at home, I think the injury-depleted Seahawks will win this one, even though they're missing a lot of key players.

Last week: 6-8
Season: 73-41


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