Friday, January 05, 2007

Wild Card Weekend Picks

Not a bad week for picks last week, and we are finally at the playoffs. Wooo! My Seahawks went out with a win, but boy did it cost them on defense. No delay, right to the picks (home team in CAPS)

INDIANAPOLIS over Kansas City- This should be an interesting game. The Colts defense can't stop anybody on the run, and the Chiefs don't have just any back, they have Larry Johnson. The only way the Colts can win this game is if Manning has a perfect game and they can limit the Chiefs time on the field. I'm picking the Colts only because they are undefeated at home this year. I expect the final score to be something retarded like 45-49.

SEATTLE over Dallas- Okay, my Hawks are decimated at the cornerback position. We will have a guy who was an INS agent last week and a guy who ran a hunting business covering TO and Terry Glenn. However, the Cowboys have looked terrible the last few weeks, the Seahawks look like they're finding their groove on offense and Tony Homo is a first-year QB in his first playoff game having to play on the road in the loudest stadium in the NFL. If the Hawks can get some pressure on Romo and disrupt the passing game, the injuries at corner should not have a big impact. Plus, Alexander missed a bunch of games this season, so he is nice and fresh. I expect him to have a huge day.

NEW ENGLAND over New Jersey Jets- Two average teams, two great coaches, one great QB. I give the edge to the team that has one a few Super Bowls playing at home. The Jets had a nice over-achieving year, but I don't see them beating Bilicheck this year, just not enough talent or experience.

PHILADELPHIA over New Jersey Giants- So I guess I'm picking all home teams. The Giants have looked off their game for weeks now, the players an fans aren't too thrilled with Coughlin, Tiki is a distraction with his retirement and Eli has no grace under pressure. Meanwhile, Garcia is playing great for the Eagles, their defense is solid and Westbrook can dominate games. I don't see the G-men going into Philly and winning this game.

Last week: 11-5
Regular season final: 154-102 (66.2%)


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