Wednesday, December 06, 2006

King Prig is an Ignorant Liar

The annoying Parents Television Council released another dumb-ass press statement. A couple of quibbles I have with Brent Bozell's quotes-

“Not a single major cable distributor offers an a la carte option for its own customers, which forces families to subsidize some of the most graphic content imaginable – including rape, murder, torture, incest and even bestiality. All the while, cable prices continue to outstrip the rate of inflation by 3 to 1.”

Families are not "forced" to subsidize anything. If you are not happy with cable options or prices, don't buy it.

“He [FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell] claims his children are ‘shocked’ at the idea of having to wait until 8:00 to watch a certain show, but where is his shock that the American families he is charged with protecting are left holding the bag to subsidize the cable industry’s raunch?

Despite what King Prig and his group thinks, the FCC does not have jurisdiction over cable, only over the broadcast airways. McDowell is not charged with protecting anyone from cable content.

God I hate the PTC.


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