Thursday, December 21, 2006

NFL Picks Week 16

Well, I made it back over .500 last week, but what a shitty week for my Seahawks. They'll still (probably) make the playoffs, but unless they quickly turn things around, they'll be a one-and-done team. On to the picks (home team in CAPS).

GREEN BAY over Minnesota- Farve in possibly his last game at Lambeau Field, are you kidding me? End of an era (if true). No way the Pack lose this game.

Kansas City over OAKLAND- My god the Raiders are bad. We're talking a whole new level of suckdom. Just high comedy this season.

Baltimore over PITTSBURGH- I'm not super confident in this pick, the Steelers have been playing pretty well, and the Ravens have clinched the division and might not be as up for this game as normal. They just look so good right now. I'm really hoping for a Ravens/Chargers AFC title game.

ATLANTA over Carolina- The Falcons win every other week and they lost last week. The Panthers have lost 4 straight. Vick will make the 1000 yards rushing mark in the 1st quarter.

Chicago over DETROIT- Actually, the Lions can win this game, the Bears have clinched everything and will probably mail it in. I just can't bring myself to actually pick the Lions to win.

Indianapolis over HOUSTON- The Colts still have something to play for, fighting it our for home field advantage, and they looked pretty sharp last week. The Texans could have had Reggie Bush, but don't.

New England over JACKSONVILLE- I have no idea what to think of the Jags. They look awesome one week, then get spanked the next. Meanwhile, the Pats will get into the playoffs with an amazing depleted team. Brady and Bilichick are awesome.

New Orleans over NEW JERSEY GIANTS- The Saints look really good despite their loss last week, and the Giants are really inconsistent. Also, I hate Eli Manning.

Tampa Bay over CLEVELAND- I sometimes forget the Browns exist. I never see any highlights, and I don't think I've actually seen them play a game in the last couple of years.

Tennessee over BUFFALO- All Vince Young does is win football games! (have you heard that enough?)

ST. LOUIS over Washington- Coin-toss game for me, neither of these teams is very good.

SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona- The Niners are feisty, but I'll be rooting for the Cardinals to take some pressure of my Seahawks.

DENVER over Cincinnati- The Bengals pretty much blew last week, and things won't be any easier at Mile High.

San Diego over SEATTLE- I hate to say this, but the way the Seahawks are playing, no way they beat LT and company. My family and I will be at the game in full force though!

DALLAS over Philly- I'm taking the Cowboys at home, but Garcia and the Eagles are looking good. I'd love to see the Eagles win out and win the division.

New Jersey Jets over MIAMI- 2 inconsistent teams playing. I predict either a blowout or a 10-13 game.

Last week: 9-7
Season: 131-93


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