Friday, November 10, 2006

NFL Picks Week 10

Well, I got back to .500 after a couple of bad week, but there have been some strange upsets the last few weeks. The Bears losing at home to Miami? The Lions beating the Falcons? Weird couple of weeks. On to the picks, home team in CAPS,

Baltimore over TENNESSEE- Baltimore is looking really good on defense, solid on offense and facing a rookie QB on a young team. Ravens roll.

INDIANAPOLIS over Buffalo- The Bills suck, and the Colts are coming home after a big win on the road. Look for Manning to have (another) huge game.

NEW JERSEY GIANTS over Chicago- Yes, I think the media darling Bears are going to lose 2 in a row. They've looked bad on offense the last few weeks, and the Giants have a pretty good defense.

ATLANTA over Cleveland- The Falcons are so up and down it's hard to know which team will show up, but I have to assume they can beat the lowly Browns at home.

MINNESOTA over Green Bay- After looking really good against the Seahawks, the Vikings got dismantled by the Pats, then lost to a pathetic Niners team. But who knows, they might beat the erratic Pack at home... I just don't know about this game.

JACKSONVILLE over Houston- The Jags beat the Titans handily last week, so I expect them to stay sharp at home over a bad Texans team too.

Kansas City over MIAMI- After a tough start, the Chiefs have been looking pretty good. Their defense is a little suspect, but the Dolphins aren't exactly a offensive powerhouse.

New Orleans over PITTSBURGH- I keep picking the Steelers and Big Ben keeps killing them. 2 teams headed in opposite directions right now, I think the Saints beat the Steelers at home (and yes, I am enjoying the Steelers collapse this season).

NEW ENGLAND over New Jersey Jets- Tough loss for the Pats last week, but I expect Brady to bounce back against a team quite a bit worse than the Colts.

San Diego over CINCINNATI- I like the Bengals, but I think they have a few too many flaws to beat what may be the best all-around team in the league right now.

DETROIT over San Francisco- Toss-up game with 2 bottom feeders, but I think Kitna has been putting up enough points to beat the Niners at home.

PHILADELPHIA over Washington- The Eagles coming off a bye week should be set to roll over what is a mediocre team at best.

Denver over OAKLAND- The Broncos are looking pretty sharp and the Raider suck. 'Nuff said.

Dallas over ARIZONA- The Cardinals look like they still haven't recovered from the heartbreaking loss to the Bears, and I think that even with all the drama, the Cowboys should be able to win.

SEATTLE over St. Louis- Biggest game of the year for my Seahawks, and I think they pull it off. It would be awesome to be sitting at 6-3 even with all the injuries we've suffered so far.

CAROLINA over Tampa Bay- The Panthers have been pretty inconsistent, but I expect them to win on MNF at home against an inferior team. But the Bucs have been lucky....

Last week: 7-7


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