Thursday, November 30, 2006

NFL Picks Week 13

I've been slacking on the blogging, too busy. After going 8-8 in week 11, I returned to form with a 11-5 Week 12. Yea me! Anyway, on to the picks before the game starts! (home team in caps)

Baltimore over CINCINNATI- The Ravens look awesome right now, but the Bengals are desperate to win this game. It should be a good one, I can't wait to get off work!

ST. LOUIS over Arizona- The Rams are struggling, but even they should be able to beat the pathetic Cardinals.

Atlanta over WASHINGTON- Although the Redskins are showing a little life, I have to think the Falcons will bounce back after Vick's "dirty bird" tantrum last week.

Dallas over NEW JERSEY GIANTS- 2 teams heading in opposite directions. The Giants are falling apart, and since Romo took the helm, the Cowboys are looking pretty tough. Lets see if Gramatica is the answer to their kicking.

NEW ENGLAND over Detroit- The Pats looked good beating the Bears, and the Lions suck!

Indianapolis over TENNESSEE- Despite the Titans stunner win over the Giants, they can't roll with the older Manning.

MIAMI over Jacksonville- I think the Jags are looking awfully shaky, and the Dolphins are getting better week to week.

Kansas City over CLEVELAND- Larry Johnson will mow down the Browns. No love in Cleveland.

CHICAGO over Minnesota- The Vikings have just gone in the toilet after beating my Seahawks and the Bears are still a good team.

New Jersey Jets over GREEN BAY- Just a hunch, but I think this one can go either way.

San Diego over BUFFALO- The other LT should continue his amazing year against a sad Bills team.

NEW ORLEANS over San Francisco- The Saint are looking good this year, and I hope they can knock off the threatening Niners at home.

PITTSBURGH over Tampa Bay- Both teams are struggling, so I have to take the home team.

OAKLAND over Houston- See above.

Seattle over DENVER- The Broncos are starting a rookie on national TV, and the Seahawks are finally healthy and ready to make their stretch run. Plus, I think they'll want to make a statement after their embarrassing loss on the last Sunday night game they played.

Carolina over PHILADELPHIA- You have to fell sorry for Mcnabb, but Steve Smith and the Panthers won't.

Last week: 11-5
Season: 107-69


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