Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Checking In

So it's been a while since I did some blogging, but things have been hectic. I started a new job in June and have been working long hours, and the commute blows. And next week it's going to get a lot worse. They are completely shutting down about a mile of I-5 northbound in downtown Seattle between Spokane Street and I-90 for 19 days, 24/7. Unfortunately I live in West Seattle and work in Lynnwood, 22 miles north. The West Seattle Bridge enters I-5 right in the middle of that stretch so all of us West Seattle-ites will be taking alternate routes to work. Too bad the choices of routes are basically 2 one-lane surface streets and Highway 99, which will be slammed from all the people who commute from the south end into Seattle. This will be a nightmare, but what is really pissing me off is the flip comments and "suggestions" from our media and government officials. Her are some gems and my response to them-

*"Take a vacation during this period of construction" I'd love to, and I'm sure other people would too, however, most people don't get 3 fucking weeks of vacation, and even if they did probably don't want to use in all up in one chunk just to avoid traffic!

*"Take the bus" Well, I'd love to bus, even when there wasn't construction. Too bad we have such a shit public transportation system here, to commute by bus I have to leave my house over an hour earlier than I do now, make 3 transfers, get home an hour later than I do now, and pay $2.50 each way. So my incentive to bus it is to double my commute time while not saving any money in gas? Um, no thanks. And again, that scenario is when there is no construction.

From Mayor McCheese, Greg Nickles- "Just go to a Starbucks with your laptop, telecommute, and chill!" FUCK YOU NICKLES. Despite what you think, not everyone in Seattle works in the tech industry, and thousands of people do work in this city that requires them to physically be at their office or work site. I have to be at work to do my work. Period

Look, I'm all for safety and infrastructure improvement, but they really could have found a better way to get this done. And even if they couldn't, they don't have to be so goddamn flip about it.