Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hypocritical weasel

I heard Michael Medved yesterday questioning whether we should "spend millions of dollars and possibly ruin a man's career" for only lying under oath, referring to the prosecution of Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame case. Seems to me, Medved and his ilk were really upset about Clinton lying about his blowjob, not the act itself. Remember how concerned those folks were about integrity and values, how they should be paramount in our public officials? Apparently those standards should be only held to Democrats.

To recap- Lying under oath about a blowjob is necessary to spend millions investigating and worth impeaching a president. Lying about blowing the cover of a CIA agent is not that big a deal. Good thing the Republicans are the ones who are "serious" about national security.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bush vs. Ahmadinejad

Wouldn't that debate be freaking AWESOME to see? Crazy anti-Israel/Allah-is-great/the-West-is-evil screeds, followed by Bush's platitudes, half-formed sentences and tough talk. I'd pay to watch that.

Monday, August 14, 2006

SuperBowl-bound Seahawks off to a weak start

Ok, so the Seahawks sucked it up in their pre-season opener, but I honestly am not too worried. Jackson and Stevens didn't play on offense, and defense was missing Tubbs and Winstrom. I thought the 1st unit played sloppy, and for all the expectations, I was really disappointed to see the way Senaca Wallace played. But, it's a pre-season game so I'm not too worried about the players. What does disturb me is Mike Holmgren's play calling. On Wallace's first series, they called 3 straight runs, resulting in a 3-and-out. Huh? Wallace's first series and you don't let him throw? Then, end of the half, 4 seconds on the clock, 4th down and they send out the field goal team. WTF?!? It's a pre-season game, you're losing and our kicker can barely make a 55-yard field goal even if the snap is good (which it wasn't). Why not try out one of your desperation/4th down plays and see how it works instead of trying a long field goal? What's the downside?

Anyway, it was great being in the stadium again, I just love the atmosphere. I took my father-in-law to his first NFL game and he had a blast. It was cool seeing the NFC championship banner raised as well. Here's to a repeat!