Friday, December 29, 2006

NFL Week 17 Picks

Well, I had a good week last week, and my Seahawks almost beat the best team in the NFL. Hopefully they're getting things together for the playoffs. On to the picks, home team in caps.

Last week: 12-4
New Jersey Giants over WASHINGTON- As bad as the Giants have been playing, I have to think they'll win a desperate game against an average team. Run Tiki till he drops, and the G-men have this one.
PHILLY over Atlanta- Garcia has been great for the Eagles, and the Falcons have been falling apart.

BALTIMORE over Buffalo- The Ravens look great and should win at home to close out there season.

NEW ORLEANS over Carolina- The Saints have had a great year, and Carolina has been really disapointing.

HOUSTON over Cleveland- A real "who cares" game, so I'll take the home team.

DALLAS over Detroit- The Cowboys really have to win this one, they look terrible. Fortunately for them, they get to play the Lions.

Green Bay over CHICAGO- The Bears have nothing to play for, the Pack has to win to have a chance at the playoffs, and it could be Favre's last game.

KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville- The Jags are so up-and-down this year, and Arrowhead is a hard place to win.

INDIANAPOLIS over Miami- The Colts look like they're going out early in the playoffs, but I think they'll win over the Dolphins.

TENNESSEE over New England- All Vince Young does is win football games! Seriously, they're finishing at home and have been playing good ball. Also, the Pats know they're in the playoffs.

NEW JERSEY JETS over Oakland- The Jets can make the playoffs, and the Raiders obviously suck.

CINCINNATI over Pittsburgh- Just a hunch, I think the Bengals will win their closer at home with the Steelers only playing for pride.

Seattle over TAMPA BAY- Despite losing, my Hawks looked good last week. They have to get a win going into the playoffs though.

St. Louis over MINNESOTA- Rams are an ok team and the Vikings just suck. Have a nice long offseason Hutchinson!

SAN DIEGO over Arizona- Although it might be a letdown game for the Chargers with nothing to play for, they're still better than the Cardinals.

DENVER over San Francisco- The Niners made some strides thi year, but Denver is still playing to get into the playoffs.

Last week: 12-4
Season: 143-97

Friday, December 22, 2006

Things Not to Say When the Police Come to Arrest You

It's really not going to help your innocent plea when you say this to the cops-

"What? I thought I stuck him like a pig," Marshall N. Byers, 28, of Monroe, was quoted by Snohomish County prosecutors as saying after he was arrested. "What do you mean he's alive?"

Also, if you're on the run, you probably shouldn't tell random truck stop clerks that fact.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

NFL Picks Week 16

Well, I made it back over .500 last week, but what a shitty week for my Seahawks. They'll still (probably) make the playoffs, but unless they quickly turn things around, they'll be a one-and-done team. On to the picks (home team in CAPS).

GREEN BAY over Minnesota- Farve in possibly his last game at Lambeau Field, are you kidding me? End of an era (if true). No way the Pack lose this game.

Kansas City over OAKLAND- My god the Raiders are bad. We're talking a whole new level of suckdom. Just high comedy this season.

Baltimore over PITTSBURGH- I'm not super confident in this pick, the Steelers have been playing pretty well, and the Ravens have clinched the division and might not be as up for this game as normal. They just look so good right now. I'm really hoping for a Ravens/Chargers AFC title game.

ATLANTA over Carolina- The Falcons win every other week and they lost last week. The Panthers have lost 4 straight. Vick will make the 1000 yards rushing mark in the 1st quarter.

Chicago over DETROIT- Actually, the Lions can win this game, the Bears have clinched everything and will probably mail it in. I just can't bring myself to actually pick the Lions to win.

Indianapolis over HOUSTON- The Colts still have something to play for, fighting it our for home field advantage, and they looked pretty sharp last week. The Texans could have had Reggie Bush, but don't.

New England over JACKSONVILLE- I have no idea what to think of the Jags. They look awesome one week, then get spanked the next. Meanwhile, the Pats will get into the playoffs with an amazing depleted team. Brady and Bilichick are awesome.

New Orleans over NEW JERSEY GIANTS- The Saints look really good despite their loss last week, and the Giants are really inconsistent. Also, I hate Eli Manning.

Tampa Bay over CLEVELAND- I sometimes forget the Browns exist. I never see any highlights, and I don't think I've actually seen them play a game in the last couple of years.

Tennessee over BUFFALO- All Vince Young does is win football games! (have you heard that enough?)

ST. LOUIS over Washington- Coin-toss game for me, neither of these teams is very good.

SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona- The Niners are feisty, but I'll be rooting for the Cardinals to take some pressure of my Seahawks.

DENVER over Cincinnati- The Bengals pretty much blew last week, and things won't be any easier at Mile High.

San Diego over SEATTLE- I hate to say this, but the way the Seahawks are playing, no way they beat LT and company. My family and I will be at the game in full force though!

DALLAS over Philly- I'm taking the Cowboys at home, but Garcia and the Eagles are looking good. I'd love to see the Eagles win out and win the division.

New Jersey Jets over MIAMI- 2 inconsistent teams playing. I predict either a blowout or a 10-13 game.

Last week: 9-7
Season: 131-93

Thursday, December 14, 2006

NFL Picks Week 15

I took a beating last week, 6-10, but Jesus what a bunch of weird games! The Jags made the Colts look like a high school team, the Pats get blanked by the Dolphins, the Chiefs got spanked at Arrowhead and my Seahawks lost in the desert. Who knows anymore..... on to the picks (home team in CAPS).

SEATTLE over San Francisco- I'm off to the game tonight, and we're expecting a windstorm for the ages here in Seattle, projected winds 70 MPH. I expect a steady dose of Alexander and Gore, but the Seahawks have to view this as a revenge game after losing to the Niners earlier.

Dallas over ATLANTA- I expect the Cowboys to bounce back against the inconsistent Falcons, but I didn't like the quit I saw in the Cowboys last week.

BALTIMORE over Cleveland- The Ravens might be the best team in football right now, close between them and the Chargers. They should beat the Browns as long as they don't fall into the trap game after the win on the road last week.

GREEN BAY over Detroit- Really, the Lions are just awful, and the Pack can play well, especially against bad teams. Big day for Favre.

NEW ENGLAND over Houston- I have to assume the Pats will bounce back after the spanking they took last week. They're at home in the cold against a Texas team.

Jacksonville over TENNESSEE- The Titans are much improved with Young at QB, but after the beating they applies to the Colts, I can see this being a letdown game for the Jags. I still think they'll win, but not by a lot.

Miami over BUFFALO- Miami's a good team, and if they had made the right call to start the season at QB, they would be challenging the Pats for the AFC East title.

New Jersey Jets over MINNESOTA- The Vikings just look terrible, and the Jets aren't that bad. Really, they're not.

NEW JERSEY GIANTS over Philadelphia- I'm rooting for the Eagles, but I think the Giants gained back some confidence last week, and they're at home.

CAROLINA over Pittsburgh- The Panthers are average, but the Steelers are having a bad year, and are pretty banged up.

CHICAGO over Tampa Bay- Grossman is back! It's the '85 Bears again! Nobody can stop the Bears! (sarcasm) The over-anointing of the Bears has come back after last week, but I do expect them to beat a pathetic Bucs team.

NEW ORLEANS over Washington- The Saints look really good. The Redskins, not so much.

DENVER over Arizona- Jay Cutler is 0-2, not the savior the Broncos were looking for. I still think they're better than the Cardinals though.

SAN DIEGO over Kansas City- The Chargers are just rolling right now, firing on all cylinders, and the Chiefs had the wind knocked out of them last week.

St. Louis over OAKLAND- This is just a guess, both these teams are having a terrible year.

Cinncinatti over INDIANAPOLIS- The Bengals have been playing really good the last few weeks, and their defense has really improved. Meanwhile, the Colts look like they're in free-fall. Of course, since I said that, Manning will have a 5 TD, 400-yard performance on Monday Night Football.

Last week: 6-10

Thursday, December 07, 2006

NFL Picks Week 14

Well, I had an ok week last week, but some upsets screwed me up again. I really didn't thing the Titans had a chance over the Colts, and same goes for Browns over Chiefs. That's why they play the games. On to the picks (home team in CAPS).

Cleveland over PITTSBURGH- The Steelers are really banged up, and the Browns are just playing for fun. I probably won't watch much of the game tonight, I'm taping the NY Rangers game and will watch that after work.

Atlanta over TAMPA BAY- The Bucs just look sad on offense, and the Falcons seem to have righted the ship (for now at least).

KANSAS CITY over Baltimore- I think the Ravens are the better team over all, but the Chiefs play way better ball at home, and Arrowhead is a tough place to go to and win.

NEW JERSEY JETS over Buffalo- Surprisingly the Jets are not a half-bad team this year. Not surprisingly, the Bills are a bad team.

Indianapolis over JACKSONVILLE- This might be a wrong call, the Jags always seem to play the Colts really tough, and the Colts look quite a bit less than invincible right now. But, I have to err on the side of the good Manning brother.

DETROIT over Minnesota- I'm taking the home team, but who really cares about this game?

New England over MIAMI- The Dolphins looked like they might make a nice run at the end of the season, but they lost at home last week, and I don't think the Pats are an easier task for them than the Jags were.

DALLAS over New Orleans- This was a tough one, so I took the home team. I think the Cowboys D will give them the edge.

CAROLINA over New Jersey Giants- Can we quit calling Eli a good QB until he looks like one? I think Smith will win this one for the Panthers.

CINCINNATI over Oakland- It's the Raiders on the road. Not a tough call.

Philadelphia over WASHINGTON- Garcia looked pretty good last week and the Eagles still have a shot at the playoffs, I think they'll play a good game.

Tennesee over HOUSTON- The Titans are looking good since Young has taken over, and the Texans still suck.

SAN FRANCISCO over Green Bay- A steady dose of Gore plus Favre interceptions = Niners win.

Seattle over ARIZONA- The Seahawks are ready to make their stretch run, and the next to games will clinch another division title.

SAN DIEGO over Denver- A steady dose of LT plus Cutler turnovers = Chargers win.

Chicago over ST LOUIS- Despite how bad Grossman has looked, the Rams are in free fall right now. Da Bears will win another.

Last week: 9-7
Season: 116-76

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

King Prig is an Ignorant Liar

The annoying Parents Television Council released another dumb-ass press statement. A couple of quibbles I have with Brent Bozell's quotes-

“Not a single major cable distributor offers an a la carte option for its own customers, which forces families to subsidize some of the most graphic content imaginable – including rape, murder, torture, incest and even bestiality. All the while, cable prices continue to outstrip the rate of inflation by 3 to 1.”

Families are not "forced" to subsidize anything. If you are not happy with cable options or prices, don't buy it.

“He [FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell] claims his children are ‘shocked’ at the idea of having to wait until 8:00 to watch a certain show, but where is his shock that the American families he is charged with protecting are left holding the bag to subsidize the cable industry’s raunch?

Despite what King Prig and his group thinks, the FCC does not have jurisdiction over cable, only over the broadcast airways. McDowell is not charged with protecting anyone from cable content.

God I hate the PTC.

Monday, December 04, 2006

American academy of Pediatrics Hates Choice (and America)

While I shouldn't be surprised, I am. The AAP wants the government to limit free speech from networks and advertisers to protect children from, well, everything. Won't someone please think of the children?!?!?

The linked story is just full of bizarre statements that show an appalling lack of respect for the individual and the responsibilities of parents-

** "Inappropriate advertising contributes to many kids' ills, from obesity to anorexia, to drinking booze and having sex too soon, and Congress should crack down on it, the American Academy of Pediatrics says"

So advertising is responsible for kids being both too fat and too thin? Neat trick.

** "The statement also is critical of alcohol ads that feature cartoonish animal characters;..."

I watch a lot of sports on TV where most alcohol ads are aired, and I can't think of any ads that feature cartoon animals, maybe I've just missed those ads.

** "These pervasive ads influence kids to demand poor food choices, and to think drinking is cool, sex is a recreational activity and anorexia is fashionable, the academy says."

The problem with this passage (besides the fact that I personally think drinking is cool and sex is a recreational activity) is the idea that because a kid "demands poor food choices" they are going to get what they want. Kids don't have money, parents do. I remember demanding things when I was a kid. I didn't often get them though.

** "limit commercial advertising to no more than 6 minutes per hour, a decrease of 50 percent;"

So they want government to limit what revenue private broadcasters can earn from their advertisers. Nice.

** "While hard scientific data linking advertising with children's health ills is lacking, Strasburger said there's compelling circumstantial evidence suggesting there's a connection."

That's great, lets pass laws that will affect billion-dollar businesses on no scientific data. Real good idea. And finally, my favorite quote from the article-

** ""I'm hopeful that policy-makers will listen," Linn said. Self-regulation in the food industry, without a nudge from government, won't work, she said."

It's not "self-regulation" if the government makes you do it! For Christ's sake the word "self" is right there! March on nanny state. This wouldn't bother me if I didn't think legislators will actually consider this garbage.