Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here's a list in no particular order of movies that scare the shit out of me, enjoy!

Poltergeist (1982) I saw this movie when I was 7 years old. I think my mom thought it would be ok for me since it's rated PG. I didn't sleep for a week. That movie still scares me.

The Evil Dead (1981) Gory, scary, creepy, this movie terrified me. I think I was in middle school when I first saw it, and it gave me nightmares. Especially the possessed demon in the basement. By the way, the two sequels are great too, but not nearly as scary.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) This is just a classic. The thought of a monster that gets you when you're asleep is just the ultimate scary premise. Most of the sequels sucked, but the original is awesome.

The Ring (2002) This movie is the last movie I can think of that really scared me. The premise is good, nice twist at the end and the evil girl is creepy as hell.

Friday, October 27, 2006

NFL Picks Week 8

No picks last week, blogger went down when I tried. I've been a little sick, and super busy at work, so (as usual) light blogging. I'm coming off my worst week in picks (5-8) but I can't be totally blamed. KC beating San Diego, my Hawks losing their star QB, Houston beating Jacksonville, Tampa beating Philly? As Chris Berman says, "That's why they play the games." On to the picks (home team in caps).

GREEN BAY over Arizona- The Pack has been showing a little spark recently, and I think the Cards will not recover from the stomach-punch game against the Bears any time soon.

CINCINNATI over Atlanta- Vick had a great game last week, so he's due for a stinker this week. Plus, the Bengals are coming off a big home win against the Panthers, and should continue to roll.

NEW ORLEANS over Baltimore- This should be a good game, decent offense going against a great defense. I just don't see the Ravens putting up enough points on the road to win.

TENNESSEE over Houston- The Titans are playing tough in the last few weeks, and I think they'll edge out the Texans at home. I'm not real confident in this pick though.

PHILADELPHIA over Jacksonville- The Eagles will come back strong at home after the heart-breaking loss last week. After losing to the Texans, how good can we think the Jags really are? They're a mystery team.

KANSAS CITY over Seattle- As much as it pains me to say it, the Seahawks are in trouble this week. We're missing our starting QB and RB to injury, 3rd receiver to illness and starting guard to suspension. And playing at Arrowhead. This could be ugly. I'm just hoping the defense can win this one for us.

CHICAGO over San Francisco- Grossman will get his mojo back against a soft Niners D, and the Bears D won't give up many points.

NEW JERSEY GIANTS over Tampa Bay- The Bucs are a bad call and fluky field goal away from being 0-6. The G-men just slapped around Dallas on MNF. You do the math.

SAN DIEGO over St. Louis- The Chargers often look like the best team in the league, but have a knack for blowing big games (like last week). But they'll win at home over an average Rams team (and they better to keep my Seahawks in first in the division)

Indianapolis over DENVER- I have to pick the Colts until they lose, but this could be the game. Denver's a good team, and playing at Mile High is always tough.

New Jersey Jets over CLEVELAND- The Browns are just a bad team, and as long as they don't make mistakes, the Jets can hang with most teams in the league.

Pittsburg over OAKLAND- The Steelers are the best 2-4 team in the league! No way they lose against the Raiders, coached by a wax figure that looks suspiciously like Art Shell.

CAROLINA over Dallas- After the spanking the evil Parcels-led Cowboys got last week on MNF, I just know we're this close to the T.O. meltdown that destroys that team. I just can't wait!!!

MINNESOTA over New England- I'm not confident in this pick either, just because it's Brady and the Pats, but I watched the Vikings last week, and they play decent defense, have a good offensive line and a QB who knows how to manage a game and no make mistakes, so I'm taking the home team.

Last week: 5-8
Season: 67-33

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hockey Blogging

It's almost time for Hockey Night in Canada, although I'll actually be watching the Rangers on Center Ice for the first game. By the way, Center Ice is the coolest shit on the planet. $149 gets you almost every game. If I only watched all the Rangers games, that averages out to paying $1.82 per game. And I watch a lot more games than that. It's the best deal around, I can't recommend the purchase enough.

My Blueshirts haven't looked good in the last 2 games. In Tuesday's loss against the Flyers, they didn't play for shit in the first half of the game, and looked really sluggish the whole game.

On Thursday's loss against the Penguins, they looked ok on offense, but I don't think their defense is quite there yet. They are missing Ozolinsh and Kasparaitis, but beyond that, they have given up too many position goals where Lundqvist is not able to do anything to stop a shot. The defense needs to stop allowing opposing players to gain position for easy one-timers and redirection shots.

One more note before I watch the games- I like most of the new rules, but the NHL really needs to relax the hooking calls. There are just too many penalties being called when a player barely touches another with his stick. I agree that the league needed to crack down on hooking, but they should limit the calls to when there is an actual pulling motion by the offending player, or when the victim of the hooking has his progress impeded. Not whenever a stick comes up to the midsection. I know some people who like the rule say the players just need to learn to keep their sticks on the ice, but come on. This is hockey! It should be physical and players should have to fight a little for position. Just my opinion. Go Rangers!

Friday, October 13, 2006

NFL Picks Week 6

Busy week or so, didn't get last week's picks up because my internet was out last weekend. I've been super-busy at work, and went to the casino last weekend. I basically broke even, ahead if you discount drinks, dinner and cab ride. Not bad, 11 hours of fun and no money spent! On to the picks (home team in caps).

Buffalo over DETROIT- I'm not real confident in this pick, the Lions are due for a win. I do think the Bills are the better team though, but it's going to be a close game.

BALTIMORE over Carolina- The Ravens will win, they're coming off a tough loss on the road to their friendly turf, and will take their revenge on the Panthers for last week's loss.

Cincinnati over TAMPA BAY- The Bucs are struggling, and the Bengals got embarrassed last week. Revenge game is stamped all over this one. Watch for the Johnsons (Chad and Rudi) to both have huge games.

DALLAS over Houston- Another big game for a Cowboy's team coming off a big loss. After T.O.'s meltdown last week, watch for Parcell's to have spent the week figuring out how to protect Bledsoe. It helps that they get to play the lowly Texans (with the #1 draft pick on defense!)

ATLANTA over New Jersey Giants- I just hate the Giants, and the Falcons have had 2 weeks to prepare. Plus, the Giants defense has looked pretty soft, and won't have an answer for the Dunn/Vick 1-2 punch.

Philadelphia over NEW ORLEANS- The Eagles look sharp right now, and Westbrook is supposedly pretty healthy. The Saints are a lot better than I expected, but they won't be able to stand up to a resurgent Eagles team.

SEATTLE over St. Louis- Although my Seahawks are missing Alexander and maybe Engram, they've had 2 weeks to rest and prepare for the Rams, plus they need a statement game after being embarrassed on national TV by the Bears. Plus, I think the Rams are much worse than their 4-1 record would suggest. Remember, 3 of their wins are against the Packers, Lions and Cardinals, and they didn't look great against any of those bottom feeders.

WASHINGTON over Tennessee- Run Portis, RUN! As long as Brunell plays ok, this is a good team with Portis in the line-up. And the Titans have yet to show any spark this year.

PITTSBURG over Kansas City- The Steelers NEED a win, and I think they'll get one this week over a banged up Chiefs. Even though the Steelers are hurt on defense, Cower's system will keep the Chiefs in check, and Big Ben will finally have a big game.

NEW JERSEY JETS over Miami- The Dolphins just look like shit, and even though the Jets got spanked last week, if Pennington plays well, they're a decent team.

San Diego over SAN FRANCISCO- Assuming the Chargers don't underestimate the Niners, and don't play Marty-ball, the Charges should win this one handily. Remember, I said if.

DENVER over Oakland- Um, yeah. The Raiders might not win a game this season, they are God-awful.

Chicago over ARIZONA- Leinart says he's not worried about the Bears because he's been in big pressure games before. But, he hasn't seen the Bears defense before. I think he's going to have nightmares after this game.

Last week: 11-3 (you'll have to take my word for it)
Season: 45-15

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The NHL is Back!

I bought my NHL Center Ice package last night and am ready for another great season! I like the pick-ups my NY Rangers made, getting the great Brendan Shanahan and adding Aaron Ward. Shanahan and Jagr will each make their 600th goals this season, and my hopes are high that they will go far in the playoffs. The NHL is simply the best sport in the world to watch, too bad Americans just don't watch it enough!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Libertarian Democrat?

Kos has an interesting article at Cato analyzing the ways Democrats and libertarians can be allies. I tend to agree with most of his points, although I think he overstates the case, simply because the basic principles of the 2 groups are fundamentally opposed. It's a good read though.