Friday, May 11, 2007

(Belated) NHL Conference Finals Picks

I know the Conference Finals started yesterday, but I got distracted and forgot to post my picks before the series started, so here they are a little late-

Ottawa Senators(4) vs. Buffalo Sabres(1)
Even though the Sabres lost game 1 at home yesterday, I'm picking them to win the series in 7 games. I'm making this pick mostly for one reason- goaltending. I just think Miller is going to be the difference over Emry. This should be a great series though, both these teams have multiple goal scorers, great speed, good depth and good coaching. Although I'm picking the Sabres, I wouldn't be shocked if the Sens won.

Detroit Red Wings(1) vs. Anaheim Ducks(2)
Although it pains me to say it, I think the Ducks win this series. They have rolled quickly through the playoffs, while the Wings have played 2 very physical series. The Ducks have a great mix of punishing physical play and speed and skill. And the Ducks goaltending has been awesome in the playoffs. I just think the Ducks are going to be too much for the Wings in a 7-game series. Buuuut.... Hasek has never lost a playoff series while playing in Detroit. Ok, never mind, Red Wings in 7.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The NBA is a Joke

I don't know how people can watch this game anymore. I wrote last year about this time that the officiating ruins the game, and sure as shit, nothing has changed. I tried to watch a little of the Warriors/Mavs game last night in between watching a real sport (NHL playoffs). In a very close game, near the end of the 4th quarter, in Dallas, the refs called a 6th foul on the Warriors best player, Baron Davis. The "foul" they called was non-existent. The NBA is an insult to anyone who actually likes sports and wants the players to decide games. Every year I try and give the NBA playoffs a try, and every year I see something like I saw last night with a referee making calls that decide the game. I don't know if it's a conspiracy from the top, or if the refs are simply that incompetent and self centered, but either way, that's it for me. Fuck the NBA, I'm not watching it again.